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Because we did lots of driving between cities at which the prices are always recorded in CUP at just a tiny food huts in route it came in rather handy. This will definitely make more sense once I talk that the food, that is famously polarizing. Ostensibly, I stayed away from tourist take out and rest stops, therefore I would like CUP Euro dollar exchange rate to consume with the natives.


With the conversion speed Lshaped, and each of the art I Bought, I spent roughly $900 over 10 days in Cuba, '' I might did it less than $700 whenEuro to Dollar History I did not move bazurk at the art marketplace. Totally worth it!


We've covered every thing, have a breath. It will Hurt there is a denying punishment within the American buck, however it is not the ending of earth. Oh and only remember once you swap money straight back, 1CUC get you around .94cents also you also can't swap down the 1CUC coins. Do not exchange all of your money at the same time, but you opt to convert, take action part as needed. Form lines at the airport to swap money straight back really are long, even though you might come across still another tourist to swap with. Shhh! It's super simple to do this, they'll most likely find you.